A Nightstand Reveal {5 after 5 link up}


I came across a great link party this morning that I am going to join in on.

You should too!


Because this is the kind of stuff that makes blogging fun!
(you can join in whether you blog or not!)

It is not your usual link up party…and that’s exactly why I like it!

Lisa at Syncopated Mom is hosting a 5 After 5 link up and last weeks topic was:



Upon closer inspection I realized looking at my nightstand, or anyone’s nightstand for that matter, is a bit revealing, perhaps even too personal.

The items we toss on it, do tell a story about what we are up to just before we drift off every night, they reveal our interests, habits, priorities, what’s most important to us when we first wake up…and even what happens during the night.

Let’s not even venture inside the drawers…

Here is my reveal:

A bottle of water…

A couple of books…

A kleenex box…

A trinket dish…

My phone/ipad charger…

Nothing particularly interesting, unique or embarrasing…whew!
I guess that in itself says a lot too…hmmm…

As I took a look around I couldn’t help but think … how would Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds profile me? Lol lol…I suspect he would be pretty accurate too!


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    Lisa/Syncopated Mama

    How fun to have you join in, Mary Grace! How long does your bottle of water last before you need another, because mine hardly gets touched throughout the week. I just know that the ONE night it’s sitting there empty is the one I’ll wake up dying of thirst and getting up to fill it seems as difficult as tackling Everest. Your post was fun to read and I hope to see more of you around each week!

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