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My name is Mary Grace and this is my virtual kitchen, craft room, idea scrapbook and journal…my little corner of the blogging world.

Sharing favourite recipes, fresh ideas and new discoveries is my goal here.

Take a look around, there’s lots to see…

Regarding the recipes:

Most of the recipes here are my own, or have been tweaked to accomodate my family’s tastes. Some have been graciously shared by family and friends, or found in cookbooks and online (credit is given where credit is due).
I am a cookbook collector/hoarder! Truth be told, I have been clipping recipes since I was a teen.
Mediterranean style cooking, fresh ingredients and flavours are prevalent in my recipes, because this is what I grew up eating and enjoy preparing the most.
Having said that, I love trying foods from other cultures and enjoy the challenge of cooking outside of my comfort zone.

I have a particular fondness for dips and spreads, sauces and soups. You will find traditional recipes for these here, from all around the globe.

Regarding everything else:

Crafts, DYI ideas, and tips  have been tested by me, and shared here because they actually work. If it doesn’t work you wont  find it here! It’s that simple.

Reviews are written in direct response to my own experiences and opinions, good or bad, it will be the truth. If I have been given samples or monetary compensation in exchange for trying something and posting about it, I will disclose that.

If you would like me to review one of your products, an event, experience or even a particular place, and are open to an honest perspective,  please send me an email with the details.

Thanks for dropping in…I hope you enjoyed your visit and found some useful and interesting information. Please take a moment to comment on my posts, I love hearing from you the readers! Don’t forget to come back often to see what’s new.

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Now go out there, take on this great big world, and have yourself a fantastic day!

Ciao, Mary Grace