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We really like our smoothies over here…

And it all started with my idea to keep a little smoothie recipe notebook. I clipped it to the side of my fridge, for easy recording of interesting sounding recipes, or any time we created a new combination that was particularly delicious.

It was the kickstart to getting on the smoothie bandwagon…we were slow to join in but now that we have, I have to tell you….

I love it!

The girls have really gotten into making them, and I have been happily encouraging it. After all smoothies are the perfect way to get some good nutrition in you nice and fast, and that’s exactly what these girls need as they head off to school each day.

Actually that’s exactly what a busy mama needs too!
(the dad is resisting…we are working on it)

So, of course it made total sense to dedicate some kitchen space specifically for this purpose.

My goal was to gather everything that we use in our smoothies into one area, close to the fridge/freezer and blender. For convenience sake of course, but also to encourage all of us to get creative with our conctions by having an assortment of ingredients handy.

I decided to dedicate some shelf space above the blenders to smoothie making. My counter space is extremily limited, but you could also dedicate a big basket or tray for this purpose.

I made a list of popular dry ingredients that make good add-ins, and found some Rubbermaid containers that were the perfect size to store everything in (turns out they lock into each other so nothing falls unexpectedly, which was an unexpected bonus!).

I filled the containers with assorted smoothie making goodies like vanilla whey powder, ground flax, chia seeds, oats, unswetened coconut flakes, cocoa nibs and cocoa powder, and instant coffee powder too, and labeled everything.

Other often used ingredients like peanut butter, honey and this new amazing stuff PB2 (peanut butter powder) were also relocated to this space, as well as big smoothie straws (found at Dollarama) and assorted cups/blender accessories.

In the freezer I alloted a good portion of one shelf to frozen fruits, all labeled in containers for easy access and visibility.

I also stocked the fridge with a variety of yogurts and milks, as well as veggies like spinach and kale.

A big bowl of fresh fruits close by…and that was it, the smoothie station was ready!

It was a pretty easy project, and well worth it, as it has given us the incentive I hoped for, which was to up our smoothie making game and encourage healthy creativity.

On the wish list now is a better blender…so many chioces out there, and many are shockingly expensive! Are they worth it? Do you have a favourite? Please share your suggestions.


Smoothie Station

1/ Decide on a suitable location for your smoothie station
(I recommend somewhere close to your blender and fridge).
This can be a dedicated cupboard or a nice tray or basket on your countertop

1/ Gather up all your favourite dry ingredients/add-ins and organize into easy to use containers (dont forget to label everything)

2/ Gather up your accessories such as blender attachments, cups, straws, etc and organize into baskets

3/ Gather up any other ingredients like peanut butter, honey, and spices that you use often in your smoothies

4/ Organize everything into your new dedicated space. Get creative and have fun with it

5/ Make yourself a smoothie recipe book or collect some recipes into a recipe box, and keep this by your smoothie station to encourage trying out new flavour combos and creativity

6/ Dont forget to organize your freezer smoothie ingredients (frozen fruits and veggies)also. Stock up on your favourites and store in clear containers that allow you to see what you have on hand, and keep stuff from getting buried and forgotten

7/ Stock your fridge with greek yogurt, vanilla yogurt or other favourites, as well as different milk options, like almond or coconut milk. Dont forget a bag of spinach leaves and some kale too

8/ Lastly, set a nice fruit bowl by your station with fresh choices like apples, oranges, pears, avocados, etc.



Here is an easy smoothie recipe to get you started…











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  1. 1

    What a good idea! When I purchased my blender I was sure I would be making a lot of smoothies. Have I? No! This organizational idea would help to motivate me!

  2. 4

    Love this! We’ve been recently getting into a smoothie kick as well–it’s the best way to hid fruits and veggie to my toddler and it’s been working wonders. Having a smoothie station is a fantastic idea, for its convenience and organization. Thanks for sharing this with us on #shinebloghop this week 🙂

  3. 5
    Janet Vinyard

    Great idea! I just got a Breville blender and it’s great – even has a smoothie setting. I freeze any bananas that are getting too ripe (that I don’t have time to use) so I have lots of nice frozen bananas on hand for a nice, thick smoothie. Thanks for sharing your smoothie station! Blessings, Janet

  4. 16

    I can t believe you are writing about it: I just exclaimed that this is hwat I want to be doing. Thanks for giving me the howto-handout! Yoohoo. Thank you so VEYR MUCH for joining us this week at the Fine Craft Guild’s linky party SHARE IT. A new party will open tomorrow (later in the day) See you then

  5. 17
    Christine | Mid-Life Croissant

    I love this! I’d have to make a space for tea bags in my station because I’ve been on a kick of infusing tea into my smoothies. Quite a few recipes on the blog if you’d like to check them out. So refreshing!! Thanks for linking up to #SaucySaturdays.

  6. 18
    Karen Grosz

    This is a great idea. I especially like that you created a recipe book for smoothies. I tend to forget what I have made or tried and then stick to the one or two I know that I really like. #Food&Fitness

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