Mama’s Italian Sandwich and a nod to The Griffin House

Mama's italian sandwich/

When I moved back to Oakville, I was disappointed to discover that some of my favourite eating spots had closed their doors.

One such place was The Griffin House, in the Town Square.

I just loved that place!

It was a terrific little lunch spot. Quirky, friendly and welcoming (even to a mom with young ones) decently priced, and they served up really good italian style sandwiches, pastas, soups and salads.

The prosciutto sandwich was my personal favourite.

So delish!

My homemade version of that simple italian style panino is today’s recipe.

Pretty close as far as taste, to what I remember…

just missing the checker game table…the vintage and antique oddities laying about…it really is true, atmosphere is everything.


*serves 1 (or 2 as a side to a salad or soup)


1 large italian bun of your choice
1 tbsp pesto (prepared or homemade)
1 tsp olive oil
2 slices provolone
3-4 slices prosciutto
4-6 slices salami of your choice


Slice bun in half horizontally.

In a small bowl stir together pesto and olive oil and spread mixture on the inside of bun halves.

Make the sandwich by layering the cheese and cold cuts on bread and topping with the other half of bun.

Cut in half, share if you must, and enjoy on its own or with a small side salad.

*do try to use a good quality pesto as it makes a world of a difference

*check out my review of my fave store-bought pesto:
Le Grand Pesto Review
Le Grand Pesto review/

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