Mesquite Roasted Pepper Spread

Simply put…I love roasted red peppers!

Honestly, I would put them in everything, if my family would let me. Unfortunately they are not head over heels in love with them, like I am, which is sad don’t you think, I mean they are just so so good!

Preparing them is actually very easy, and removing the skin is not as hard as you may have heard. And once they are ready you can use them to make delicious pasta sauces, soups and sides, and versatile spreadable sauces like this recipe I am sharing with you today.

I came up with this delicious little spread by chance, to accompany some chicken we were grilling on the BBQ for a get-together. The secret ingredient in this recipe…a little bit of Kirkland Sweet Mesquite Spice…this stuff is so good!

This spread makes an excellent appetizer. make it the day before and have it ready to serve to your guests with a sliced up french stick. Enjoy!

*this is an original recipe created by Mary Grace

Mesquite Roasted Pepper Spread

*makes 1 cup


2 medium/large red peppers, any variety
2 large cloves garlic, in their skins
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp or more Mesquite seasoning (I use Kirkland Sweet Mesquite Seasoning)
1/4 tsp salt
several grindings of fresh black pepper
1 tsp finely chopped parsley



-preheat oven to 375F
-cut peppers in half, scoop out seeds and cut out white membrane
-line a baking sheet with tin foil and lightly grease
-place peppers cut side down on sheet, as well as cloves of garlic in their skins
-roast for 30 minutes
-remove from oven, cover with another baking pan and allow to cool 10 minutes
-peel skin from peppers and garlic and discard
-add peppers, garlic and remaining ingredients to a small food processor bowl
-process for about 40 seconds or until well combined
-taste and adjust seasonings to your likings, if your peppers are larger for example, or if you want a bolder taste, you may want to add more mesquite seasoning
-transfer to a small bowl, cover and allow to sit for 10 minutes
-serve with a sliced fresh baguette, crackers or toasted bread and enjoy

*this is also delicious spooned over grilled chicken, burgers used as a spread on sandwiches

*can be prepared in advance and refrigerated to use as needed, it will last about 3-4 days

*Just an FYI, I bought my Kirkland Mesquite Spice at Costco in the USA, and when I searched for it in Canada I discovered it is not sold here (not happy!). Guess I will have to stock up on my next trip!
It is available for ordering in the Usa through Amazon, here is the link:

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