{secrets from my italian kitchen} Anchovies & Anchovy Butter


Anchovies…in my kitchen, they are one of my little secret ingredients…

If my family knew how often I actually used anchovies in our meals they would not be too happy with me. So mums the word…


Because they claim they are disgusting! What?

Lucky for them I know better!

I grew up eating anchovies right out of that tin can and onto a slice of crusty bread! So good!

Anchovies don’t scare me.

In fact I happen to know that a small piece of this salted, oil packed little fish is capable of adding a whole lot of flavour to a dish, without adding any sort of “fishy” taste.

It magically balances things out somehow, I don’t know how, but it does. Trust me on this.

For those of us that like anchovies, and are not afraid to use them in larger quantities, we know that they are delicious on pizza, pasta, and salads.

And on bread! Good italian bread…or a nice french baguette too.

But back to the “secret ingredient”…what to do?

Try dissolving about 1/2 of a fillet, into your tomato sauce, or any other pasta sauce for that matter.
Mash and whisk a small piece into your salad dressings (the best caesar dressings have anchovies in them,yes they do!).
Make up a batch of anchovy butter (recipe follows) and add a bit (or a lot of it) to your veggies, chicken or seafood dishes…or even in your soups! A little goes a long way.

Well, there you go, another secret from my italian kitchen is out of the bag…take it and run with it!

So which anchovy team are you on?

Love them or hate them?

Anchovy Garlic Compound Butter

*makes about 1/4 cup


1/4 cup butter,room temperature
4 anchovy filets, packed in olive oil
1 small clove garlic


In a small food chopper bowl, add all ingredients.
Process until well combined and creamy.

Transfer to a small sealable container and store refrigerated until needed.

*use a 1/2 teaspoon or more to your liking in any of your dishes and sauces, to boost flavour

* slice a piece to top a steak, fish, cooked veggies

*spread on your sandwich bread, or as an appetizer on crackers topped with a slice of good cheese

BONUS TIP: don’t discard the leftover oil from the anchovies, keep it and store in the fridge until needed. It’s excellent on homemade pizza, brush it on the dough before you add your toppings!

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