The Happy Recipe: 5 things that take you to your happy place

Your happy place

What everyone wants, when it comes right down to it is simple, to live a happy, fulfilling life.

That’s all I really want anyways, to sit back and say “aaah yes, I am exactly where I want to be and I am happy!”
Somedays I feel like I’m getting closer to that goal, other days it seems beyond reach…way beyond.

I guess the reality is that it is a work in progress thing. I suspect in fact, that it’s work that will forever be in progress…

I’ve come across many articles, and posts, that talk about how to get there. Offering advice on how to best make happiness happen. The bottom line seems to be that this is one of those things you have to discover for yourself. The answer is as individual as you are and only you can make “happy” happen.

A recurring suggestion, that I finally decided to act on, is to actually jot down what makes you feel real joy. Thinking about this is great, but putting the words to paper is more constructive. It seemed like a great place to start…and so I did.

Not easy!

What kind of list to write? That was the question. I decided to make a list of whatever brings me to my happy place. Then I forced myself to narrow it down to the top five favourites, thinking this would force me to really edit my choices and priorities. And, I think that’s what works best, you have to know what your true priorities are, no rights or wrongs, or other peoples opinions of what they should be.

Yours only. Be honest with yourself, this list is, after all for you.

Here is my list:

My Happy Recipe: 5 things I can do to make me feel alive, happy and fulfilled.

1. Travel…just the idea of going somewhere new, somewhere I have never been, makes me giddy! If only I could capture that feeling and bottle it!

2. Trying new foods, discovering new tastes, especially with my favourite ingredients, prepared in new ways. I enjoy the process of cooking and creating a dish, but I also love going out and having someone else cook and clean!

3. Challenging myself to learn something new, or trying something outside of my comfort zone. It’s scary and yet exhilarating! It makes me feel alive.

4. Spending quality time with my daughters, partner and family, especially one-on-one time. That’s when I can really get to know them in a deeper way.

5. Giving myself some time alone, preferably curled up in a comfy chair, reading a new book, sipping a good coffee or tea. I treasure “me” time. It makes me feel grounded and in control of my life.

What about you? Take a moment to write down what truly makes you feel happy. It’s not as easy as it might seem.
My challenge, to myself at least, now that I created this short, but powerful list, is to live up to it, and let it guide me to make better choices so that I can live my happiest life.

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